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Cheryl Beatty (Capraro)
Retired Widowed
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Joseph Cattrell
Married 2
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Jim Cherryholmes
Retired USAF/Government employee Divorced 2
While in school, I would wait until the last moment to begin my homework, even if I had three weeks to complete an assignment. Some personality traits do not change, as I complete my profile at the “now or never” juncture. Forty three years of government service in military intelligence (please, no George Carlin oxymoron jokes regarding “military intelligence”) sent me from Bosnia to Burma (now Myanmar, although that name is contested), and many points in between. I developed a love for Asia, and spent over 12 of my 24 Air Force years there, as well as some of my civilian time. An early divorce left me as a single dad for many years to my two children, but the three of us had some memorable adventures as we travelled the world, and led to some wanderlust in them. I have three beautiful grandchildren, and get to spend much time with them as a part-time day care provider and emergency baby sitter. Life is good.
Most will not remember me, as I kept the lowest of low profiles while in school. I currently live in Springfield, Virginia, and do wish I could make it to this reunion, but other commitments prevent me from attending. Hope all have/had a good time reminiscing of our years at Brookhaven High School.
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Cassandra Clancy
Writer Married
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Diana Stuthard (Clarke)
Retired Widowed
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Debbie Hamrick (Cook)
Retired Divorced 2
I have lived all over the country with my 2 girls and x-husband.  My girls and I are here in Ann Arbor now.  I  would love to come back to Columbus but my grandson Will,  11  is on a traveling soccer team, The Michigan Wolves; sponsored by the Columbus Crew.  We're hoping he get into the Crew Academy.

Can't imagine leaving my daughters but them again, you never know where life will take you.  Hoping to see you all in July!

Love the Buckeyes and tell everyone I meet.  That's why I have so many friends here.  HAHA
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Greg Cook
Consultant Married 4
I have lived in Ohio, Mobile Alabama, Gainesville Florida, Salem Orgeon,Ann Arbor Michigan, Las Vegas Nevada and now in Acworth Georgia. I have been the General Manager or Executive Director in each of these locations of a Public Transportation Authority. My largest operation was in Las Vegas where I worked under contract to Veolia Transportation billing the client (LV) close to 10 Million per month. I was their seven years then came to Georgia to operate the system in Marrietta GA. I then worked for MARTA in Atlanta. I am consulting now to two private operators and one Atlanta Law Firm. I was in New Orleans and my take the position of Executive Director of their system there. I will know next week if it is what I want to do at this time. I am once divorced and now married to my soul mate. We have 4 grown children between us two girls and two boys. I graduated from Ohio State in 1971 , and am a Lifetime Alumni memeber and Lifetime Varsity "O" member. I am not inclined to move anywhere near cold weather and snow again.  I feel bad that Brookhaven closed in 2014. I have great memories from High School and from Ohio State.  All the best to all from the class of 1967 and Go Bucks! Send Greg a MessageSend Greg a Message
steven cope
pipefitter retiring in october! Married 1
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Retired Married 2
OMG 50 Years!!! You folks are getting OLD! Living in Centennial (Denver) Colorado now enjoying retirement and traveling in the RV.

Can't wait to see you all.
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James Csaszar
Retired Married 2
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