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Cheryll Otis (Williams)
Retired retail Married 3
Married to Jack in September 68. We have 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Both retired. He retired as a sheet metal journeyman, fabricator. We have 2 sons and one daughter. They make us proud!  Send Cheryll a MessageSend Cheryll a Message
Nancy Wills
retired professor Single Again
Fifty years! Amazing!! Looking forward to seeing  classmates and sharing our journey again. Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Nancy Wills
Profile picture
Profile picture
retired medical school professor Divorced
   (I have summarized my career in the first paragraph below for anyone who cares to hear about it. To learn the eccentric details of my personal life, I recommend skipping to the second paragraph.)
     After graduation, I attended the Ohio State University, graduating in 1971 with a BS in Psychology and then completed a M.S. and PhD. from the University of Virginia in  1974 and 1977, respectively.  I began a career in medical research during this time , first as a visiting graduate student at UCLA. then as a postdoctoral fellow training in membrane physiology at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) and Yale Medical School. While at Yale, I became an instructor and research faculty member and established my own research laboratory. In 1987, I returned to the University of Texas Medical Branch to accept a faculty position where I gained  tenure and was  promoted to full Professor. During this period, I published numerous  research articles, served on advisory committees, editorial boards and study sections  and received federal grants and awards to support my work. There were very few women professors of physiology so I had a few "firsts". I became the first female Treasurer of the Society of General Physiologists in the history of that organization, and the first female to serve on the finance committee of the American Physiological Society. This part of my career ended in 2008, when our campus was devastated by hurricane Ike. I then retired from  UTMB (and research)  and embarked on a teaching career. Most recently, I was a founding faculty member of the Frank H. Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University. I retired (again!) in Dec. 2015  and now am an  Emeritus Professor.
As for my personal life, some of you know me as a friend, world traveler, sailor, artist, movie critic, person of faith, and terrible judge of men. I share a birthday with Lyndon Johnson, Mother Teresa, and Pee Wee Herman (which  probably explains many things including my total lack of belief in astrology.)

As you might have read above, after my tender years as an overachieving high school student, I spent many years as a career-driven workaholic. The good news it that presently I am  enjoying life, actively pursuing a retirement filled with painting bad art, making bad music, writing bad novels, sailing, and cooking passable meals for my friends.
It is evident after two marriages that I have not been lucky in love.  I adore children (never had any of my own) and am fortunate to have three special nieces and several  “adopted” sons and daughters of my friends. I have also been blessed with many friends whom I can count on for encouragement. I especially want to take this opportunity to thank my dear friend and classmate Joyce Spray Anderson for having my back during this lifelong adventure.
            As for other things that you might not know about me, I have discovered that I hate camping, Fox News, Southern Belles, television drug commercials, pretensions of all forms,  and discomfort in general. I am appalled by the return of stiletto high heels, the advent of spanx and bikini waxing, and the fact that although we are the same age, Katlin (Bruce) Jenner is a better looking woman than me.
          In case you ever need to do something in my honor (or just need something to do), please  watch a lovely sunset while enjoying French champagne, a rum drink called Mango Madness, or a delicious beverage of your choice. If you can to this while sitting on a sailboat, all the better
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Mildred Garten (Wilson)
Retired Widowed 1
I recently lost my husband of 37-3/4 years.  I one son (Scott), 4 grandchildren, Cory, Ryan, Sarah and Tanner,  1 step-grandson (Lincoln)  and 2 great grandsons. Ian and Arthur (16 months and 2 months).  I have been retired from General Dynamics since February 2013. Send Mildred a MessageSend Mildred a Message
Pamela Roy (Wilson)
administrative assistant Married 3
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Marsha Hall (Witkowski)
Profile picture
Retired Married 2
Retired quite some time ago after 30 years in Supply Chain Management for Western Electric/AT&T/Lucent Technologies.  My primary residence is Palm Harbor Florida but my husband and I do spend those hot summer months in the Chicago area.  We have a daughter and 2 adorable grandsons who live near us in Florida and our second daughter is a physician in Chicago.  We have spent much of our retirement years checking off our bucket lists.  The most challenging has been visiting 80 countries by the time we reach 80 years of age.  While I once thought that possible, safety and security concerns now make that unlikely.  We have visited 56 countries thus far and have had a wonderful time doing so.  

I have been very blessed and can only hope that all of you have been as well.  
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Cheryl Corbin (Zitzke)
Married 3
Can't wait to see everybody! Send Cheryl a MessageSend Cheryl a Message
Larry Zitzke
Retired Married 3
 Sheri (Corbin) and will be celebrating our 48th anniversary this year.  We have lived in Greenville, SC for 30 years and before that we lived for 6 years in Huntington WVa. and for 2 years in Salt Lake City.  I have retired twice from BI-LO, a regional grocery chain, and now am semi-retired as I do some consulting now and then.
We have three children,  two of which also live in South Carolina and one who is living in Grandview, Ohio.
The Steering Committee is really working hard to make this event fun and affordable.  I do hope everyone can come so we can get reacquainted and tell all the old stories that my children are so tired of hearing!
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