April 14, 2020

We hope everyone is well amid this terrbile Coronavirus pandemic. Did you ever in your wildest imagination believe we would be dealing with this kind of disruption at this stage of our lives?  But we are the baby boomers and our parents helped win World War ll and many of us are veterans, some of whom participated in the Viet Nam War, so we will survive!  I believe we will emerge from this soon and will be able to have some sense of normalcy restored to our daily lives.
I am very saddend to inform you some of our fellow classmates have passed away since we had our 50th reunion. 
Deborah Abbot Doss   2018
Mike Cummings  2018
Cheryl Wilkins 2019
Roger Edens Nov 18, 2019 cancer
Linda Campbell 3-28-20 leukemia
Roger was on the Steering Committee for every class reunion and participated to the fullest in the planning of our 50th even though he was gravely ill.  
There are undoubtely more  I am unaware of so please let me know if you have knowledge of the passing of other classmates.
As always, please review your personal profile, or create one, so we can keep in touch for future class reunions.

Larry Zitzke ( on behalf of the Steering Committee)

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