July 27, 2023

More good news! We are closing in on 70 RSPV's and 60 tickets sold with 8 weeks to go. I know there are still a good number of classmates who have expressed interest but have not yet purchased their tickets so I expect the final number will easily pass our early projections. Please click on the "Who's Coming" page to see who have indicted they will be attending and those who have already purchased their tickets. 
I have some additional information about the reunion to share with you. The side dishes for dinner will be fresh garden salad with choice of dressings, fresh cut seasonal fruit, and macaroni and triple cheese. We have also extended the time of the event and the new hours are 4:00 pm-9:00 pm. This will give us an additional hour to make sure we get to catch up with as many classmates as possible. Dinner is still scheduled for 5:30 pm. 
I have been asked to address the age old question question of "what is everyone going to wear at the reunion?" A quick search on the internet shows the average temperatures range we should expect during the times of the reunion will mid 70's to low 60's. Our reunion is planned to be a casual event so comfortable, casual attire with an eye on the weather forecast for that evening is recommended. 
Please visit this website regularly and encourage others to do so as well so we can continue to communicate about this reunion and beyond. 

Larry Zitzke (on behalf of the Steering Committee)

                                                         REUNION UPDATE
June 23, 2023

I am happy to report that we have already sold 28 tickets to our reunion later this year. Please click on the "Who's Coming" page to see the names of all who have already purchased tickets.
It's a great start but we are looking for more! The time is rapidly approaching when we will have to lock in to a number with our caterer so if you are planning on attending please purchase your tickets as soon as possible. 
In today's world the absolute best way to quickly communicate with large numbers of people is through social media. Whether you will be able to attend or not please consider helping us by using your social media platforms to post all the information about this reunion so we can reach as many classmates as possible. 
We are looking forward to seeing all of you on September 30 at the Dempsey Event Center.

Larry Zitzke  (On behalf of the Steering Committee)
June 2, 2023

I am pleased to announce that we have finalized plans for our 56th year class reunion as follows. 
DATE: Saturday, September 30, 2023
TIME: 4:00 pm-8:00 pm (dinner served at 5:30 pm)
PLACE: Dempsey Event Center
                123 Hyatts Road
                Delaware, OH 43015
DINNER: Chicken, brats, and hamburgers grilled on site
                   Three side dishes
                   Drinks to include water, iced tea, coffee, and lemonade
COST: $40.00 per person

NOTE:  There will be no bar service available on site
               but you are free to bring any beverage you
               like to enjoy during the evening

You can buy tickets on this website on the Buy Tickets page. Please note we pay a 6% service charge if you buy tickets on line so if you want to avoid this you can send a check. All the information you need is on this page. We would like to urge you to buy your tickets as soon as possible as we have already had to pay for deposits and other expenses and need to reimburse those classmates who stepped up to pay for these in advance. 
For our 50th year reunion we received over $2000 in donations which allowed us to significantly reduce the ticket price. We have baked this level of donations into the $40.00 ticket price for this reunion as well. If you would like to help you can make a donation either by credit card on line or by sending a check. All the necessary information is on the Donation page on this website. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. 
I will continue to update this page so please log in and check it out from time to time to receive additional information. 
If you have any questions please contact us as below.

Larry Zitzke

Patty McClintic

April 30, 2023

i have even more good news for you. The Steering Committee has selected a venue for our 56th year reunion on Saturday, September 30 of this year. It is the Dempsey Event Center located just north of Columbus in Centerburg. It's a beautiful mansion which has been repurposed to hold events just like ours.  Please visit their website at
There are numerous pictures of the grounds and mansion that will give you a good idea of how nice this place is. 
I am sure you will be just as impressed as the members of the Steering Committee were when they toured the site a couple weeks ago. We are all certain we can hold a very successful class reunion at this site. 
More information on menu, ticket prices and more will be forthcoming in the next 2 weeks so please keep checking this site for more information.

Larry Zitzke (on behalf of the Steering Committee)
April 22, 2023

I have great news for everyone this morning.  Jo Ann McAdow Hill had successful kidney transplant surgery at the Wexner Medical Center in Columbus on April 12!
She is doing well while recuperating at home and wants everyone to know how thankful she is for all the thoughts and prayers over these past months while she waited for the call that a donor match had been found . 

Larry Zitzke ( On behalf of the Steering Committee)
February 27, 2023


As our class reunion Steering Committee has been meeting we have become aware of a great need for one of beloved classmates. JoAnna McAdow Hill has been placed on a wait list and is in need of a kidney transplant. We want to use this platform to spread the word and help JoAnna find a living kidney donor match.
There are specific qualifications just to remain on the list so time is of the essence.  Please let fellow classmates, family and friends know about this lifesaving need and hopefully we can help JoAnna find a match. If interested in more information go to:
OR to take a history questionnaire go to:  Jo's birthday is 10-25-1949.  You may need this to access the questionnaire. 
Thank you for any help you may have to offer.

1967 Brookhaven Class Reunion Committee
February 25, 2023

Big news Bearcats!  Over the past 2-3 months we have put together an awesome Steering Committee and have been getting a lot of input on whether or not to have a reunion this year and if so, where and when.   After a lot of deliberation the committee members voted unamimously to start planning what will be our 56th year reunion to be held on Saturday, September 30. 
More information on the venue, food, and ticket pricing will be forthcomoing soon but we wanted to let you know so you can start spreading the word.
Please keep visiting this website as it will be the primary way for us to communicate additional information to you.

Larry (on behalf of the Steering Committee)


July 24,2022

Classmates, I have been asked by Vicky Andreoni, sister of our classmate Martha Andreoni to post this obituary for her so that you can be aware that Martha passed away just a few days ago.

Martha Amalia Andreoni of Columbus, OH, peacefully passed away Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at age 72.  Her longtime friend/companion, Kim Little and her sister, Victoria Andreoni (Lou Saunders) were her care-givers.    

Martha was born July 26, 1949 to Benny and Ruth (Stebelton) Andreoni.  She was sister to four siblings.  Martha worked as a bookkeeper for the State of Ohio in her early years and later Eventco an event planning company where she occasionally and thoroughly enjoyed imitating famous personalities. Martha was a graduate of Brookhaven High School 1967. 

Martha danced to her own tune and lived her life doing what she loved, taking care of her animals, playing cards and spending time with her close friends. She was quick with an expletive and just as quick with a kind word. She will be missed by many.

January,20, 2022

Last July I told you the Steering Committee was starting to investigate the possibility of holding our 55th class reunion in 2022. We had many discussions, mostly centered around the elephant in the room, COVID, and how or if it might impact our ability to plan and execute a successful class reunion.  As everyone knows COVID did not go away or even greatly subside like we had hoped.  Some classmates we spoke with were hesitant to commit to helping because of this uncertainty, and many venues were not willing to make reservations for 2022 events. 
Even with this knowledge we decided to wait until after the Holidays to see if any of these circumstances had chanaged enough to give us hope that the 2022 reuion could still take place. Sadly very little has changed in this regard. Accordingly, we have made the painful decision to postpone the class reunion until 2023.
It is our hope that at least by late summer or early fall we will be able to start planning our 56th class reunion in 2023.
So hang in there, stay healthy, and we will be communicating with you again later this year, hopefully with the good news of a classs reunion next year.
Please feel free to get in touch with me or any of the other Steering Committee members with any questions, suggestions, or just to catch up!  We would love to hear from you.

Until we meet again...

Larry ( on behalf of the Steering Committee)
July 26, 2021

As our country slowly recovers from this pandemic, as individuals we also seek to get back to business as normal.  At this time of  year, in particular, we find ourselves thinking about the possibility of having our 55th reunion next year.  The Steering Committee has begun to have conversations about this and hopefully we will have some news for you in the next month or so.  So please keep getting on our site to get updates on our plans.
Also, the Class of 66 is having their reunion this year and they asked me to invite all our classmates to attend a mixer to be held on Friday night, September 17.  All necessary information follows.

Embassy Suites Atrium
2700 Corporate Exchange
Columbus, Ohio 43231
7:00 pm-10:00 pm
Cash Bar/Onsight Restaurant
            Please RSVP
Beverly Schneider-Dowdell

Larry Zitzke (on behalf of the Steering Committee)
April 14, 2020

We hope everyone is well amid this terrbile Coronavirus pandemic. Did you ever in your wildest imagination believe we would be dealing with this kind of disruption at this stage of our lives?  But we are the baby boomers and our parents helped win World War ll and many of us are veterans, some of whom participated in the Viet Nam War, so we will survive!  I believe we will emerge from this soon and will be able to have some sense of normalcy restored to our daily lives.
I am very saddend to inform you some of our fellow classmates have passed away since we had our 50th reunion. 
Deborah Abbot Doss   2018
Mike Cummings  2018
Cheryl Wilkins 2019
Roger Edens Nov 18, 2019 cancer
Linda Campbell 3-28-20 leukemia
Roger was on the Steering Committee for every class reunion and participated to the fullest in the planning of our 50th even though he was gravely ill.  
There are undoubtely more  I am unaware of so please let me know if you have knowledge of the passing of other classmates.
As always, please review your personal profile, or create one, so we can keep in touch for future class reunions.

Larry Zitzke ( on behalf of the Steering Committee)