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Anita Brown (McDaniel)
Retired Married 3
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Barbara Felzer (Michael )
Retired Firefighter Committed Relationship 3
Looking foreward to the reunion. Can't believe it has been 50 years. I think the last one I was at was the 15th. Or 20th. I am now living in Blairsville Ga. Been here for 18 yrs. The mountains are so beautiful.   I have 3 children 7grand children 3 great grand children. I am retired from the fire service,a job that I  greatly loved. And just enjoying what ever I want to do. Well see you at the party. Go Bearcats Send Barbara  a MessageSend Barbara a Message
James Miller
Retired Small Business Owner Married 2
Founded and operated a picture framing business from 1988 until I sold it in 2015.  Let us say I am semi-retired; still writing instructional books and magazine articles, presenting technical seminars at convenions, and consulting in the picture framing industry. Send James a MessageSend James a Message
Dave Montgomery
Retired Married 1
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Ted Mosure
Profile picture
Grocery Food Broker Married 2
We enjoyed attending the 50th reunion on Friday night.  The video showing our shared memories and classmates no longer with us was emotional. 

Thank you for the recognition of military veterans.  I worked with Mike McCandless at Big Bear.  He left to join the Marines after his junior year and was later killed in Vietnam.  God rest his soul.  ​At our table Friday night, all four men seated there served in Vietnam.  It was a very special evening.  

​We wish the best for all who attended and thank all for taking time out of busy schedules to spend time with old friends.
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Charles Murray
Independent insurance agent Widowed 1
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Linda DeVaughn (Murray)
Retired 1
Not sure how to fill out the above spaces.  Linda passed away Sunday  2/5/2017.  Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Cheryl Musgrave
Profile picture
Profile picture
Core Energetics Student Widowed
Hello everyone!  I left Columbus for Orange County California right before my senior year (hence, my junior and senior year pictures here).  I recall my first day at my new California high school; someone asked me if I was from "back east" because I had my penny loafers on  It was a different world for me.  A few of the girls wore suits and heels to class.  My new classmates were convinced that while living in Columbus, I got up early to milk the cows before I went to school.  I graduated college from Cal State Fullerton, during which time I put myself through college by working at Disneyland.  After 10 years in California, I moved to Connecticut, near NYC.  

My husband of of 30+ years died suddenly 5 years ago.  For over a decade I have been focused on deepening my spiritual connection.  These last few years have been about my inward journey and exploration.  About a year ago I left my corporate career as VP, Executive Programs at Gartner.  I am now immersed in Core Energetics and training to become a practitioner, a significant component of which is my own personal evolution.  I begin to see clients under supervision this fall. These are vital and exciting days for me.  

Nice to be able to connect on this site.  You can find me on Facebook too.  

While I won't be attending the reunion, I hope you have a wonderful time reconnecting.  You hold a special place in my heart.  You are a part of me.
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Steve Neale
Business Owner Married 2
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